Bright summer dresses hang in the wardrobe and annoy us with their color while we are forced to dress in gray and black tones. Still more modern, however, is to wear summer gowns in winter.

Silk dresses

Straps we wear with sandals in the summer can not be worn in winter because of the low temperatures.

Wide shirt-type dress

Have come out of your husband’s wardrobe are packed in summer mainly with sports shoes and sports accessories.

The short dress

Is perfect in the summer for those who work in an office. Such a dress does not crumble and does not brew. 


Maxi dress is a must for the fashion arsenal in the summer. Here are some useful fashion tips for choosing and wearing a dress.

It is a delusion that the maxi dress is suitable only for tall or even more chubby ladies. Every woman can wear a maxi dress, regardless of body type. Maxi dress is comfortable, stylish and suitable for absolutely any occasion – from a beach walk to a day in the office.

There are many varieties of maxi dresses. Therefore, when choosing, you should consider your figure.

Maxi dress for ladies with lush bust

Maxi dress for low and full ladies

The best dresses for the naked and full ladies are the A-shaped silhouettes and the imperial style. It is preferable to add a thin belt under the bust, which will optically endure the figure

Maxi dress for low and low ladies

Many think that low and weak women can not wear a maxi dress, but it is not. For this type of figure, the best option is to dress the body with thin straps. Combined with a naked back you will have the perfect summer dress.

How to wear a maxi dress?

For everyday life the best combination is a maxi dress with low sandals. If you fall on the sneakers, do not hesitate. The combination of maxi dress and plain white sneakers is a hit among fashion bloggers.


You can easily be irresistible and beautiful in your new dress even though you know your figure is imperfect. The secret trick is simply to choose the garment in terms of its proportions, body shape and kilograms. The larger hips, the convex belly, or the shrugged shoulders will no longer be detrimental to your perfect vision, as long as you properly choose the dress you will wear.

There are four main types of female structure and each of them is suitable for a certain type of clothing, which highlights its pros and “circumvents” the minuses. Here they are:

1. An inverted trapezoid figure – If your waist is not well-defined and the shoulders are wider than your thighs, then you have a trapezoidal shape. In this case, a dress with the same trapezoidal silhouette, which has the waist-style or a shoulder. If you try a low waist, you will be able to create the illusion of harmonic proportions because the attention of the surrounding eyes will be directed from the shoulders of the waist.

Choose a dress
Not recommended: hooded sleeve, neckline or V-shaped

2. Standard Trapezoid Figure – If your thighs are more fluffy and wider than your shoulders, then you have the typical trapezoid female structure. If you choose your high waist dresses below the bust line, these imperfections in your body will hardly be noticeable. It is also a sleeve sleeve. V-shaped neckline is also your friend in this case because it highlights the bust and extends visually the proportions of your shoulders.

Not recommended: low waist dresses, narrow, tight upper and wide, cracked bottom of the dress

3. Sandwich figure – If you are from the ladies whose hips and shoulders are equally wide and your waist is delicate and clear, the most suitable dress for you is the one with a tight waist (for example with a belt), but down falls freely and generously.


Stripe Linen Mix Dress $45.00

T-Shirt Dress $36.00

Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress $48.00


For most brides, the choice of wedding dress is usually a pleasure, not an annoying task, which should be ticked in the long list of pre-wedding commitments. Many brides even know in advance what dress they want to be on a dream day.

If you have not yet decided what kind of pattern you want to change, when you choose your dress, make a minimum of two samples.

Here are some tips on how to choose a model according to your figure:

A A-shaped or Princess-like dress (expanded in the A-shape from the waist down) usually has a tight corset, a skirt-skirt, and often a harness. This model is perfect for wide hips and big busts, but it’s good for any shape, so it’s also the most popular.

The dress with a voluptuous skirt and ballerina is suitable for ladies with narrow hips and full bust. It is not a very good choice for small pieces, but it is highly appreciated as it is associated with the typical Cinderella style dress.

The narrow straight gown is ideal for high and low brides.

The Imperial style dress has no outline of the waist and this helps to make up the silhouette. The skirt of the dress falls down from the bust down, which is good if you have a wide waist and a small bust. This model is the best option for pregnant brides.

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